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$feeling is an interactive digital experience drawing from my time of depression in chicago as well as from what jimmie, my incarcerated penpal, has shared about his survival experiences. themes include navigating work and social expectations as an upper-middle-class queer woman of color, mental health in and through prison, and the importance of community-building and solidaristic relationships for survival. $ in the title refers to the character to define variables in many coding languages (and used in twine, the tool used to create this) as well as to the way our subjective experiences are shaped by and even commodified by capitalism. the story will take the player through the protagonist's everyday choices at home and at her job as well as through movement organizing and thoughts from jimmie. elements of randomness are coded in to reflect the fact that circumstances in life are sometimes not in our control and our choices do not always fully dictate what will happen. there is also a simple mood indicator using color, which is intentionally subjective as opposed to a score-based metric. embedded requests for the audience to act in "the real world" to apply coping mechanisms/survival tactics/emotional practices in that moment and record their responses yield a $feeling inventory that the audience is invited to share at the end. i hope this will make the piece less of an experience to consume and more of a conversation to actively interpret and learn from.

nuoc mammal

The author is one-tenth of the way to being a new yorker. she is aggroqueer with metallic accents, and she could eat jackfruit for days.